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Are you confused?


The Urban Dictionary describes Lavender as “a pejorative term for an effeminate heterosexual male. Lavender does NOT describe homosexual men; it is purely used to describe straight men who exhibit female qualities.”

But why must this term be “pejorative”?
(For those who actual speak normal English and aren’t on urban dictionary trying to be smartarsey and lavender, pejorative simply describes a word which has negative connotations.)

Here, we aim to make lavender a positive thing.
A dedication to those who are manly enough to display a little lavender.

What’s the difference between lavender and just plain weak?

Quiz: (an easy one)
Which of the following men is lavender, and which is weak?

a. Alexander Downer

b. Borat


Weak = a. Downer
Lavender = b. Borat

Prepare yourself for a selection of lavender men.

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  1. Fag McFaggotry permalink
    04/27/2010 21:10

    I agree tetris is a great game

  2. 04/27/2010 22:34

    Note to self for reflection:
    It’s really exciting to get a comment.
    Even when it’s Jacob messing with your posts.

  3. Rose permalink
    05/20/2010 13:22

    Wow, it is the first time I know what “lavender” means.
    Is it equal to girlish? Means that men acts like women?
    (Sorry I am not a native English speaker…)


  1. That’s What She Said « lavender.

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