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I Wish I was Interested in Vegetable Gardening


“We can blog on anything? ANYTHING we want?”

That's my kind if vegetable garden

Oh if only I had of known then.
If only I had of known the word “niche” would be thrown around a hell of a lot; I probably would have chosen something different.

I’ll admit it. I’m an idiot. I daresay my attempt to be original has backfired and made what should be a fun, enjoyable task rather difficult.

I’ll divide this reflection up into a series of subtitled sections. Just a quick word of warning: the content under each subtitle might not necessarily be relevant to each respective section, but I thought up the titles today and love them too much to let them go.

The Birth of a Cynic

Fortunately, I a. have always been cynical and b. did not initially approach this blog with the attitude of a cynic. On the contrary, I was very keen indeed to start it. But the fact that the horizons were so broad didn’t really help.

While in theory, I’m absolutely keen on any piece of assessment that allows students to be creative and engage with what they are interested in; in reality, it was like dropping a fat kid off at a food court with only five dollars to spare.

My blog started out all well and good, I played around with WordPress, chose a background, was very impressed by my self-professed originality of my idea. I tested all the themes, played around with the widgets and planned to create a Twitter page.

They say no blog is an island, but for while, my blog was not about networking, but it was my own little Myspace page. I found myself choosing different shades of Lavender for link hover fonts and borders and clicking preview faster than the pages could load.

Navigation and understanding WordPress itself was fortunately not at all that complicated. I had began many failed attempts at blogging before and understood the concepts of ‘sidebars’, ‘widgets’, ‘blogrolls’ and ‘tag clouds’. Besides, if I messed something up (an inevitability) I wasn’t too panicked about it and just thought, “I have months to do this!”

But how wrong I was. The novelty of blogging wore off, the semester passed and I wasted time watching and illegally downloading television shows. Maintaining the blog got difficult, and when things are difficult, I give up easily. This is not a fault of the subject or the assessment; it is a fault of my own.

When was I supposed to find the bloody time and energy to maintain my blog? I was stuck in a rut, would Lavender be what I had set out for it to be, or would it be yet another ‘ironically’ humours mockery of mankind?

I gave up and raised my hand in tutes announcing I would not keep my blog and it was a waste of my time; I had better things to do that blog all day.

The Rise of an Academic

Surprisingly enough, when I actually sat down with the Net Comm reader and read some of the articles I was all of a sudden inspired. The casual tone of blogging allowed me to approach my assessment in a semi-academic but informal way.

I was stoked and grateful for a chance to say things like “you, (yes YOU, tutor and lecturer)” and make references to academics using images captioned, “Mr Lessig is not happy.”

Who knew when “therefore” needn’t be used in every second sentence of academic analysis, it could be fun?

I was semi-shocked to find I actually didn’t mind doing the academic posts and was more willing to spend time on them than posts on my chosen topic. After all that reading, all I really wanted was to discuss them and blog about blogging.

The Fall of an Ego

My outside-of-class and in class discussions have brought me to a conclusion I’m fairly sure is fact.

Bloggers are obsessed with stats.

Seen I gave you temporary control of my blog and hence, privileged access to my dashboard, refer to my stats. I thought they were poor and I had a temporary, “Why bother with all the non-academic stuff if no ones going to read this anyway?” tantrum/ meltdown.

Instead of actually blogging properly, I focused all my attention to my assessment or ‘mandatory’ blogs.

However, there was one pitfall, and that came from the repeatedly persistent word niche. It killed me. And brought me down.

Niche was the persevering issue throughout my Net Comm blogging experience. Okay I get it; I chose an odd topic I mistakenly thought I was interested in. Isn’t one post about niches enough?

I was sick of trawling through blogs that mocked homosexuality. I was constantly reminded of my poorly made decision to wrongly suppress my girly side and attempt to deny myself the pleasure of researching fashion blogs.

The Narcissist Strikes Back

In spite of my poorly judged decision to blog about ‘Lavender” (a conception that I feel might not actually exist outside of my own head), I am unfortunately; definitely narcissistic enough to think I have something to contribute to the blogsphere.

Though I do not plan to continue with Lavender, I have by no means given up on blogging altogether. In fact, this has encouraged me to go back to my old blogs about movies and fashion and other over-blogged topics and try to restart and continue them.

Geert Lovink’s piece ‘The Nihilist Impulse’ (available in the reader you gave us, so I doubt this mention warrants a reference) was a very enjoyable read. At first, I tried to convince myself it was because I agreed with Lovink’s point of view and cynically dismissed blogging as an egoistic forum and nihilist-making machine; but I have now come to accept the truth. I am the narcissitic blogger. I have the nihilist impulse and I don’t care.

Hell, let’s just say it: blogging is fun.

Whether its about aromas which are named the same as their colour, Cricket Website Awards, vegetable gardening or makeup.

Blogging is damn cool.

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